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Fantasy Realism Artist.

Since 1969 J-F Deluol has undertaken to paint the theme of fantasy-realism of UFO apparitions in a series entitled "Myths and Realism of extra-terrestrial beings" some of this work was exposed in Strasbourg in 1976. At the same time he pursued a written reflection on this particularly fantastic subject which brought him to theories that crosschecked those of several other people passionately interested by this fabulous debate on nature. Concerning the possible origins of these phenomena, J-F Deluol doesn't disregard any of the propositions, even the most seemingly contradictory : waking dreams, momentary delirium, creation and constitution of a modern myth (i.e; JUNG), subconscious projections, parallel universes, the programme of recognition of the existence of extra-terrestrials (origins from outside of the earth), supervision by a "laboratory" which would thus control the degree of evolution of the planet in order to prevent any breakdown of the cosmic equilibrium etc...

J-F Deluol is convinced that the phenomenon needs a contradictory and global approach.

The philosophical incidences, more precisely metaphysical incidences, of the question authorizing the use of a symbolic realistic language. The evolution of this language is actually orientated towards the return of a "comic strip" universe- and this, of course, does not really mean a compromise between comic- strip / painting. In effect the emotive power, authentically naïve of some early comic strips devoted to science-fiction, inscribed indelibly in our memories, could be integrated in one way or another without any possible confusion. However, J-F Deluol is attempting to express by means of a language that he esteems the best adapted to the subject, to quote the much regretted James MacDonald, "the biggest scientific problem of our times". The conception that he has of this subject, eminently coherent for him, merits a new transcription using the instruments that he esteems appropriate: they should express the very best, the most authentic expression possible not only of the personal subconscious but equally the collective subconscious of what is a MYTH.

("3001, fin d'odyssée" - 1980 - 390x97 cm )

"Le champ des ombres" 27x19cm