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Giorgio de Chirico :

Rome, August 14th, 1966
Dear Sir,
Thank you for your letter and for your kind words. I am glad to see that there are still painters who understand the true value of paint.
If you come to Rome, I'll be very happy meeting with you to talk all about painting.
You could show me some of your paintings, which you can roll for more convenience.
However, do not come to Rome before the first half of October.

Good work and my best regards.

Giorgio de Chirico

Jacques Vallée :

For Jean-François Deluol who pursues such research with inspiration and talent, in homage to a trip fellow on the road to "other dimensions"

Jacques Vallée

Henry Durrant :

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your kind letter of may 6th, received this morning through Robert Laffont Editions.
I shall be delighted attending your varnishing day of may 24th, and thank you for your kind invitation.
Your Strasburg's invitation (may 15th to June 5th 1976, Gallery Norne, 9 rue des Dentelles) appears in my "Progressive historical file", as an "earthly fact" of the influence I call "UFO Intelligence"
"Myth and Reality" is obviously a judicious title to debate, which still raises the eternal interrogation point, all scientists are inevitably in quest to find a way out...
We cannot, until today, have a direct evidence on the existence of E.T. on earth : it is a Myth. We can presently, prove indirectly the existence of E.T. on earth : it is the Reality.

Henry Durrant

Dear Sir,
You are quiet right not to share all my ideas about UFO's (as you wrote). For you see things through your artistic vision and your own temper guiding your brush.
As a former reporter I try, on the contrary, to be realistic, not to have "ideas" and to consider things with realism and as objective as possible. It is likely, in case you got a vision of the UFO's problem with the same material substance as mine, your artistic inspiration will suffer and your brush will have no more the same style.
May be you might fall into the realism, would it be so cruel ? There is already the fantastic realism in literature and in USA, a school of painting is being attached, thus doesn't prevent some paints being attractive. I don't know if it is the case in France, but I noticed in the American UFO's magazines, reproductions of "contact" and "humanoids" fancy scenes.

Henry Durrant

Aimé Michel :

Dear Jean-François
You are quiet right to meditate this theme where science is not sufficient... thanks for your friendly letter.
However I doubt the opportunity of exhibit.
Besides those who know you, whom you will attract.
Others, do not inspire me ; as for me I have no intention to meet with them.
May be there are meaningful things to address the public about this subject, which I ignore : "who talks doesn't know" etc. And who knows doesn't understand.
As you may know, I am living far from Paris, where I go no more. Otherwise I would have been to your exhibition, as a visitor, to have a talk together.
May be I'll get another opportunity ? May be you got some pictures of your work,

Sorry for my discretion and best personal regards.

Jean-Pierre Ponnelle :

Dear Jean François, Do not blame me, I had an insane and ceaseless work, in pushing back to the following day my correspondence, thus neglecting my most elementary obligations. This said, in hurry as usual and in the form of scrawl in a little more illegible (I wounded my right hand and I am writing with the left hand !) I would like to hearing from you and your family. I wanted to write to you in January when I was in Strasburg making the screenplay of "Summer Night Dream" of Britten for the festival. We shall resume the representation in November and shall be in Strasburg from the November 1st to 4th ; would it be possible for you to come ? This offer to meet you is not due to sentimental reminiscences but to a precise goal : following Strasbourg's, I had several offers in France, some are very interesting (Prokofiev "the love of three oranges", Janacek, Henze and "the Knight with the Rose"). One never knows, but it would be perhaps possible for you to assist me (between two law exams) in one of these works ; what do you think about it ?
Sorry again for my correspondence hiatuses and believe in my friendly souvenir. Sincerely yours, my dear Jean François, and regards to your father and your sisters.

Jean Pierre Ponnelle

Dear Jean François, given your qualities and skills, also knowing that enthusiasm does not replace specialised studies to undergo a based music career, I thought about screenplay for you and expect helping you on the path towards a "para-musical or para-pictural" career and thus in proposing you to assist me.